Offering Residential Painting and Carpentry in the area of Lexington, SC.

Lexington manifests the very essence of the suburban lifestyle. Although it is considered to be the largest town around Lexington County, it doesn’t lose its image as a place that’s perfect for home living.

As one could see, the place is dotted with trees, relatively isolated from the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan life (apart from the businesses currently active around main Street and Sunset Boulevard). It also sits just beside Lake Murray, so if you're lucky enough to have a home in Lexington, then it's only fitting for you to do whatever means necessary to keep it from getting ruined.

HandyRandy Service provides you with full-service residential painting and carpentry. Our experts are well-trained and well-experienced to handle anything and everything that has to do with your home's improvement.

Give us a call today so we can transform your home into an abode that's worthy of Lexington's undeniable beauty. Call us today so we can book an appointment. You can also visit our office in Aiken if you prefer to discuss your project with us personally.

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