We Offer Specialized Exterior Painting and Flooring in Aiken, South Carolina.

Aiken is well known for its obsession with horses, but what’s less known about the place is that it’s an ideal location to settle down and build a home. Areas around Hollow Creek alone is one example of how ideal the place could be for an upstart family.

Now let's say you already have a home built in Aiken, and now you're looking for service providers who can turn your home into an abode that's worthy of your name. Well, at HandyRandy Service, we can give you that opportunity! With a team of well-rounded individuals trained in both painting and remodeling jobs, you are guaranteed the best possible output for your investment. From flooring to exterior painting services, we have all you need to make your Aiken home look and feel a lot homier.

And rightfully so, as stated before, Aiken is an ideal place to settle down. So it's only fitting to have a house that captures the essence of a home.

For more information, give HandyRandy Service a call today! We are open Mondays through Fridays from 9 AM to 5 PM. you can also visit our office so you can discuss your home improvement plans with us personally. Whether you live down Pleasant Colony Drive or around Trail Ridge, HandyRandy Service can definitely help you out.

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