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No sensible Aiken homeowner would think it nice to see their beloved abode littered with large holes on its drywall, health hazards in the form of poorly installed electrical wiring, fragile flooring, or a dreadful exterior or interior paint job. No need to fret if you have even just one of the above signs of damage — HandyRandy Service is great at fixing them all up! Our home remodelers are top-notch and unbeatable in both quality and affordability!

We have been catering to the citizens of Aiken and its surrounding areas since 2001. We offer a wide range of services that span from interior and exterior remodeling to carpentry jobs to meet all functional and aesthetic needs of our clients. Need residential painters? We got them! Looking for refurbishers? No need to look further. We have everything you need and more.

To ensure the quality and safety of our work, we use only the most well-known names in the construction and remodeling business, including Carhartt, Lowe’s, Trane, and Menards. You don't have to stress about our tools and equipment being substandard as we only use the best of the best.

Call us up at 803-644-4190. You can also subscribe to our regular mailing list for more information about coupons, discounts, and promos! We offer only the best home improvement, renovation and remodeling services in South Carolina. If it’s general handyman services in Aiken (or other surrounding areas) that you need, or maybe even more specific offers like drywall texturing, electrical installation, or flooring repair and installation, HandyRandy Service is definitely here to help!

Randy Benson

Randy Benson

Owner, HandyRandy Service

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